The Big Hawaiian Kringle

The Big Hawaiian Kringle

The Big Hawaiian Kringle

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This Kringle is filled with a caramel and macadamia nut mixture. We top it off with our homemade kringle icing, sea salt, caramel, and white chocolate. We won First Place at the Wisconsin Bakers Best Kringle Competition in 2015!

Available during November and December. 

Customer Reviews

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John G.
Yummy Goodness !!!!!!

Buy one and you’ll be hooked!!

Thomas V.

Incredible Kringle. Never imagined wanting a particular Kringle more than award winning sea salt


Loved it! Can’t wait to try moreflavors too!

Douglas S.

Great taste …love the Macadamia and Carmel combination!!

Ellen H.
Too Good to Eat!

My daughter, who lives in DePere, is coming to visit us in Phoenix next week. The Big Hawaiian Kringle arrived two weeks ago and I popped it in the freezer so we could all enjoy it together. My husband wanted a slice the other day but I told him we are saving it for Holly. He grumbled “Well it doesn’t have to be pristine does it?”
It is still pristine.
I know it will be worth the wait.

Mike F.
Uncle Mike’s kringle…any season, any reason!!

We love shipping Uncle Mike’s kringle to friends all over the country, any reason, any season! The Big Hawaiian always gets rave reviews for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Kringle is tasty and always a reminder of great relationships! How can you lose when Uncle Mike does all the baking, packaging, and delivery?! It’s a win win win!

Jean C.

The Big Hawaiian Kringle is delicious! Will order it again!

Lisa M.

It was awesome

Pam S.
Simply Amazing!

You won’t ever get a bad Kringle from Mikes,but this one is over the top! My new favorite,it is delicious!

Great but...

Another GREAT Uncle Mike's product but it didn't knock my socks off. Perhaps I was expecting too much, perhaps due to the premium price I expected this to vault to the top and beyond. It is up there but I had one and it was great, but didn't set off my fireworks off enough to be number one. Not sure about the 'big' as it appeared to be the same size as the other... in any case another great Uncle Mike's Kringle.

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