Are you tired of the same old fundraiser year after year? Here is an easy way to raise cash for your team's new uniforms, tournament, or next big trip. Why not try selling authentic Danish Kringle from Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe? Uncle Mike's Kringle is a butter-layered pastry, with homemade fillings of superior quality. Kringle is an exciting change from the "usual" fundraising fare. In fact, Uncle Mike's Kringle almost sells itself. We were awarded the BEST Kringle in North America!

We offer two different ways you can sell our kringle. You can sell them the traditional way, take orders and then deliver them. Or we offer you to sell "coupons" and they come into one of our stores to pick up a kringle. It does not expire. Both ways we sell you the kringle for $17.75 and in return you sell them for $22.50. $4.75 profit per kringle.

When you go the traditional route, fundraisers can not be picked up the week or two before the holidays. These black-out dates change yearly depending on our schedule. 

Coupon Fundraisers can be run anytime during the year. They are limited to two weeks of selling and the program can only be done once a year. 

If you have any questions or want to start a fundraiser, contact us at

All Fundraisers must be approved by Nathan via email prior to beginning.

Fundraising Brochure