Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Kringle

Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Kringle

Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Kringle

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Our Sea Salt Caramel Pecan was awarded the Best Kringle in North America! The kringle dough is made with European-style butter that gives our kringle that great buttery taste. The pecan filling is made with pecans, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Topped with our homemade danish icing, sea salt, caramel, and pecans.

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Paul B.
Best Kringle I Ever Had!

The Kringle was Excellent! Shipping was on time but, Fed_Ex driver didn't read the sign I have as where to put packages on my property. The kringle was let out in the sun for at least half of the day.

Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Kringle

Uncle Mike’s Kringles are the best. I have sent three within the past two months. Thank you for your perfect service!

Misty S.
Great pastry and filling!

The icing was a little too sweet for me, and there was too much of it. The filling and the pastry were both excellent.

Get in my belly NOW

We had this flavor last weekend and we’ve never had this one before. It reminded me a lot of baklava. It was so yummy. We only wanted to take a few bites and we ended up eating more and more and more…


Great Birthday gift idea!

Perfect gift idea. Ordering easy. Shipping days limited so couldn't have delivery on the exact day I wanted, but worked. Birthday boy enjoyed thoroughly. Wish they were local.

New Family Favorite

The Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Kringle has quickly become a family favorite.  Once we discovered Uncle Mike’s, our world changed for the better.  Your products are amazing, your shipping and handling is on time, and IF there is too much Kringle (what?? IMPOSSIBLE), I’ve discovered that it freezes very well, and is also amazing when thawed.  Thank you so much for making so many of us around the world so happy to have this delicacy.  

Cheryl J.
Best Kringle cake I ever ate

My new daughter in law shared it with me two years ago. My son sent me one for Mother’s Day
I recently ordered two. And it’s been loved by everyone who has tried it. It’s delicious

Amazing as always!

Our Sea salt caramel pecan Kringle was amazing as always! We enjoy them a few times a year and they are always a family and friends favorite!

W. D.
Thank you!

We ordered the Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Kringle as a surprise birthday gift for someone who previously lived in Green Bay. It arrived in great condition and in two days as promised! Thank you for the great service!

Elizabeth M.

The best kringle ever! Shipped and delivered as promised. Great packaging. Perfect gift idea!!

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