Caramel Apple Kringle

Caramel Apple Kringle

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This is not your traditional Kringle. The kringle is baked without a filling and then sliced open adding an Apple Pie filling. We ice it off then put a generous drizzle of caramel over the top. Won 3rd place in the Wisconsin Baker's Kringle Contest. Freeze for up to 6 months.

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Ali R.
Fantastic cookies!

I visited Green Bay a few weeks ago and stopped in to try their NYT Cookie. It was one of the best desserts I I've ever eaten. As soon as I got home, I had to order a batch from them. I've shared them with my friends and family and they love them too! Keep up the good work!

Leah G.
Great Kringles

Delicious Kringles and fast delivery service via mail.
Thank you!

It was tasty just not pleasing to the eye…

My sister lives in Appleton and brought us to Uncle Mikes. Their Kringles truly are the best Kringle I have ever had. I decided to have a couple of them shipped to my home in western Wisconsin. They came and the frosting was melted off which does make them less pleasing to the eye and I wouldn’t want to serve them at a public function if that makes sense, but they still tasted super great! I would suggest sending the frosting separate and having the customer put it on once the pastry arrives. I would maybe try delivery again when it wasn’t so warm out so that maybe the frosting would stay on better. I might also suggest them using Speedy Delivery vs. Fed Ex for folks wanting delivery of their products and who live in Wisconsin so they can be delivered next day in most cases. They also would not have to travel that extra day and go outside of Wisconsin just to come back into Wisconsin again. Customers like me could get them a day fresher from Uncle Mike’s too! Despite these critiques I would for sure order them again for sure.

Cathy S.
Awesome breakfast treat

This was shipped timely to my brother in Missouri while we were visiting. it was a welcome bit of home to share with them! Uncle Mike's never fails! Thank you!

Helen L.
Survived shipping

I sent a couple Kringles to a friend in NY. I was nervous they’d get nasty after shipping, especially because it’s august. But they were perfectly fresh and beautiful upon arrival. Also delicious like everything else at Mikes. Now I just wish they’d ship donuts!

Molly S.

A bit too sweet

Darlene D.


David M.

Caramel Apple Kringle

Deborah M.
Better than Caramel Apple Pie

Fantastic light and buttery pastry with all the delicious ingredients of an apple pie. Best eaten fresh. It didn’t last very long in our house and there are only two of us!

Bonita E.
Carmel Apple Kringle

This one also was excellent. It was a hit for my in-laws birthday celebration.

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