SUBSCRIPTION Blueberry Cheese Kringle

SUBSCRIPTION Blueberry Cheese Kringle

SUBSCRIPTION Blueberry Cheese Kringle

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This kringle gets two great homemade fillings with a blueberry jam and cream cheese. The two mix to make an exceptional kringle. Iced in sweet danish frosting.

Subscriptions will run a minimum of 2 months due to the discount. They can be canceled after 2 deliveries are made. You are unable to pick a date for subscriptions. They typically ship the next available ship date. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeff N.
Kringle! Cookies!

What a great gift, a subscription for Kringle! Choose your flavor! Switch it up! I highly recommend blueberry cheese Kringle! Raspberry! Cherry! Like I said switch it up ! The nicest people to do business with , just like in the old days ! Customer service where you actually communicate with the owners! And the most delicious treat you can have shipped directly to you , your loved ones, your best friends or surprise a business associate! You also saw I said cookies in my review. While you are ordering your Kringle, do not forget the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever sync your teeth into. The holidays are coming up. Put Mike’s on your holiday shopping list. Everyone will thank you.

Ryan V.
Sooo good

The blueberry cheese cringle is our favorite and can’t believe we can get get it delivered to our house in North Carolina at such a reasonable price.

Todd S.

It seems when we unbox and take the plastic off it takes all the frosting. We have tried different ways.
Just a suggestion....when you ship it could the customer get the frosting in a tube or tub and they can add there own?
Have talked to a few people having the same issue and we know the frosting is delicious!!

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