Strawberry Cheese Kringle

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This kringle gets two great homemade fillings with a strawberry jam and cream cheese. The two mix to make an exceptional kringle. Iced in a sweet danish frosting.

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Strawberry Cheese Kringle

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The Kringle was sent by us as a gift; however our son brought over the strawberry cheese Kringle during Thanksgiving and it was fantastic. Delivery over the Christmas holiday took an extra day, so arrived late for the party. Was told it freezes well so it can be enjoyed later. Many thanks.


Delicious, as always.

Online ordering

When took Kringle out of box icing stuck to paper so had no icing on Kringle. Did send pictures and got a refund but don’t think I’ll ever order online to be shipped again


Moved out of Green Bay to Minnesota, your bakery is one of the thing that I miss most. Thank you for doing the two day delivery❤️

Always awesome

I love giving these out every year for the holidays, and enjoying them myself. Their Kringles are the best.

Great kringle

Gift was loved by grandkids. However, I noticed that in the shipping tracking the kringle left Green Bay and went to Tennessee/Kentucky before coming back to Wisconsin for delivery. What a waste! Surely you could use a different delivery method for packages staying in Wisconsin ...


Excellent product and service.


I am behind in writing this review but I drool thinking of this.... My husband came home with this for Sweetest day. I could NOT stop eating it! This literally melted in my mouth.... I love strawberries and this was AMAZING!

Best goodie ever

Best goodie ever

Mail Order Fail

A friend brought home a fresh Kringle on the way back from Door County and we were blown away with how amazing it was. We got a 4th of July Special, Cherry, Cheese, Blueberry. It was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. 5 Stars.

When we found out we could order and have one shipped to us, we decided to give it a try while family was visiting from out of town. Thought it would be a great treat. We ordered the Strawberry Cheese. Unfortunately, mail order Kringles do not travel well. All the filling soaked into the pastry and made it wet and thin, not fluffy and buttery like our first experience. The wrapping was stuck to the top of the Kringle, and though there were instructions on how to fix the issue, it made the frosting and sprinkles bleed together, making a messy and unappetizing topping. The Kringle appeared to have been frozen and defrosted and it just wasn’t the same. The fruit filling was over whelming and spilling out everywhere and the cream cheese portion was almost non existent.

Once the Kringle came back to room temperature, it tasted fine but wasn’t remotely close to our first experience. I would get another Kringle if I were in the bake shop but I will never order through the mail again. It was waaaaay too much money for such a disappointing pastry.