Raspberry Kringle

Raspberry Kringle

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Our kringle dough is made with European-style butter that gives our kringle that great buttery taste. The raspberry filling is homemade at the bakery with raspberries and a little sugar.

Raspberry Kringle

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Fresh and delicious. Filled with plenty of yummy raspberry!

Joseph K.
Great Stuff!

The Kringle's from Uncle Mike's are so good I can't help but share them with my family, friends, and neighbors. They all ask when I will be in the Green Bay area so I can pick up their favorite. I have come home with as many as 6 at a time. Raspberry or Carmel Apple are my favorites!

Rick B.
Yummy yummy for our tummies!

Wonderful to have a taste of home while visiting our son in New Hampshire. Our son is an engineer at Fed Ex and bought 6-8 Kringle to provide some samples to his distribution team. They were so impressed that a number of them ordered their own Kringle… Boston Crème was they’re favorite ( don’t think youse guys - sic-refer to them as such, but the ones with creamy filling!) chowder heads ….go figure.

Thanks for making a great product that makes us proud to be from Green Bay!

The Berkens

Priscilla B.

Raspberry Kringle

Anne L.
The Best Kringle

Ordered the Raspberry Kringle for our family’s Christmas brunch. Guarantee delivery in 2 days had me worried but the arrived as promised. Once opened they were perfect. Fresh and tasty. Would definitely recommend this bakery base on quality and service. 5 stars plus!

Patti W.
Raspberry Kringle

It was amazing. Everyone loved them.

Kenneth U.
Best gift idea ever.

Sent the Kringle to family in SC for Christmas breakfast. It arrived right on time and they loved it.
It is a great gift idea or a way to say thank you to someone.

Robin W.


Sharon J.
Raspberry Kringle

The raspberry Kringle is a family favorite

Elizabeth S.
A Taste of Home

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I just took Kringle as part of everyone's Christmas tradition. Now I live 5,000 miles and an ocean away, I have been missing them. Not anymore! Uncle Mike's has been my favorite for years, and now they can remain so as they ship delicious Kringle even so far away. Thank you, Uncle Mike's!

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