Snowball Kringle

Snowball Kringle

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Our kringle dough is made with European-style butter that gives our kringle that great buttery taste. We bake it with no filling and cut it in half to fill lit. We add a generous layer of cream filling (Similar to a buttercream) then topped with powder sugar. 

Available during January.

Snowball Kringle

Customer Reviews

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Randy R.
Tastes great

Uncle mikes remains the number one Kringle company. We have it shipped to us in Kentucky when we need a fix 😂

Denise B.
Best Kringle ever!

This is my favorite Kringle! I wish it was available more than just January!

Tim T.
Convenient and Appreciated

My clients appreciate it when I send them a kringle from Uncle Mike’s. Is there a corporate account option? I’d use it if there were. It’s simple and easy to order from you.


The dough was tasty, but the filling was not anything similar to actual cream, as in whip cream. It was more like a frosting, like buttercream. And if it was supposed to be a buttercream, then there should have been only a very, very thin layer inside the dough. Just shouldn't be a filling.

Leslie G.
Not What I Expected..

First, We LOVE all the other kringles from Uncle Mike's!! I mean TRULY love! But when we got the Snowball we were a bit baffled. The description says its filled with cream. Well, to us it is more like marshmallow cream. Its very thick and stiff, and overly sweet. It does not resemble plain old whipped cream, even a stabilized version. So, in the interest of saving the buttery pastry, we simply took the marshmallow out and ate the rest.

Leandra W.

We rarely make it up to Green Bay Area but love this Kringle and we’re so happy with how fast it came and how delicious it tasted! Can’t wait to order again!

Lee S.
Tasty Kringle

We like the Snowball Kringle, but didn't love it... We think it needs a few other flavors or ingredients to be at a level equal to your other amazing Kringles. Your service was impeccable though. Thank you

My Favorite Kringle!

Delicious!! This is me and my family’s favorite Kringle, it isn’t too sweet and is like eating a cloud! We wish it was offered year round!

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