Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringle

Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringle

Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringle

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We fill the kringle with our homemade pecan filling then add a generous sprinkle of cranberries on top of the filling. This makes for a perfectly sweet and tangy filling. If kringle is typically too sweet for you, this kringle is calling your name. We put orange flavored icing on top.

Available during November and December.

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen A.B.
New Favorite

The orange frosting is a light note balancing the depth of the cranberries and pecans. This is a wonderful breakfast kringle.

Patti J.
As wonderful as I expected

Perfect for our Christmas Day buffet. Arrived on time and the flavors were delicious.

Stephen R.

It was a present for others and I never got to try it. Based on their review it was the best ever. They were in Texas and had little reference for Kringle.

Cranberry Orange, Awesome flavor

Everyone enjoyed the Kringle.

Deb L.

Flavorful, moist, felt “Holiday”
Also, I goofed up the order form, and they fixed it! Great customer service!

Todd S.

One kringle came with no icing the other ones the icing had shifted to one side of box many have suggested have icing separate. I usually have to make extra icing when we serve the kringle.

John L.
Excellent gift

This was a gift for a dear friend in California. He could not say enough good things about its deliciousness.

I wait all year for this one

This has always been one of my favorite Kringles, but living in Georgia, it gets to be a throw of the dice as to how hot it will be for this beauty to be delivered with out a lot of melting. Since I was going to be visiting family in Louisville, I was a little more confident the humidity would not ruin this wonderful concoction. It did not disappoint. The upcoming months are the best ones for me to enjoy my kringles. Yay!!! Bring on the Brandy Old Fashioned Kringle

Jeff P.
Excellent Service - Incredible Kringle

I sent two Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringles as gifts. Both people sent messages with pictures saying they couldn't get over big they were. Said they tasted absolutely incredible. A real hit!

Denise T.

This Kringle is delicious!

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