Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringle

Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringle

Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringle

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We fill the kringle with our homemade pecan filling then add a generous sprinkle of cranberries on top of the filling. This makes for a perfectly sweet and tangy filling. If kringle is typically too sweet for you, this kringle is calling your name. We put orange flavored icing on top.

Available during November and December.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff P.
Excellent Service - Incredible Kringle

I sent two Cranberry Orange Pecan Kringles as gifts. Both people sent messages with pictures saying they couldn't get over big they were. Said they tasted absolutely incredible. A real hit!

Denise T.

This Kringle is delicious!

Chris D.
This is the best of the best

I wait all year for the Cranberry Orange kringle. You need to get there early to get them, because they sell out fast. (I agree with others that the icing was a bit much this year, but in years past it's been perfect.)

Herbert W.

My sister said it was okay. You can't taste the cranberry because the frosting was to overpowering and their was to much of it.

Thomas O.
Introducing SW Florida to Uncle Mike’s!

We have been sharing our Cranberry Pecan Kringle with our SW Florida friends. They have been loving the bakery!

Greg P.
This combination just makes sense and mostly great.

It seems to obvious that a cranberry-based kringle would be sold around the holidays and as with all things Uncle Mike's, this iteration is quite good. The glaze does have a slightly off-putting color though and one might argue that more cranberries, or a more sour balance to the sweetness would be nice. Maybe a cranberry-orange now?

Roger F.
Christmas Kringle

This is a gift to my sister and my best friend. I send them every year and they love the different flavors.

Karen T.
Cranberry Pecan Kringle

The filling is sooo good! The kringle is loaded with the sweet pecan filling with a sprinkling of the tart cranberries. The orange flavored icing is perfect on this. Well done!

Cranberry Pecan Kringle is another winner – the men have it!!

The Kringle was for our twin grandsons’ birthday and with the birthday Kringle being available for only one month, that means 11/12 or 91.67% of the time, a substitute is needed. So… for a 11/10 birthdate a November only selection was not available therefore a November & December selection was the next choice: a Cranberry Pecan it was! The choice was actually checked first by feedback, and it turned out to be a hit with the ‘men’ of the family but it didn’t blow the socks off mom, getting just a good report. So, and in all honesty, we have been there for every one of the boy’s birthdays, so banking on the sharing concept, Papa got a taste but Nana, being on a strict diet passed, and the men have it – we have ANOTHER WINNER! Not overly sweet, a very excellent choice. Without reservation, the Cranberry Pecan Kringle is another winner – the men have it!!


I loved the tartness, but still sweetness of this combination!

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