Bulk Kringle - 6 pack

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Choose 6 kringle of your choice to ship in one large box. Shipping is not included in the price but it is typically cheaper than 6 kringle at $30.50 each.

Bulk Kringle - 6 pack

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Uncle Mike's Bulk Kringle Purchase Option is Awesome

Good morning to All,

I bought my first Kringles from Uncle Mike's 2or 3 years ago through a friend of mine who would travel up to Door Country to pick up their pontoon boat in the Spring and take it back up in the Fall. I became hooked on the Sea Salt Carmel Pecan Kringle. Geeting it twice a year was not sufficient for me.

Then Uncle Mike's started their "PopUp" option to have orders driven to the Itialian Community Center in Milwaukee several times so I could pick them up on weekends several times a year and save the shipping cost.

I gave away samples to all of my friends and all of a sudden I had my friends asking me if I could add one or more Kringles to my next order.

I found the option to order Kringle by case (6 Kringles per case) and again save shipping costs I am ordering two cases about every 4-6 weeks now to satisfy my sweet tooth as well as 8 or 10 of my friends to fell in love with them as well after tasting my samples. My customer list just keeps expanding and a lot of different varieties are being ordered from my friends.

Life is good.


Jack Olson (aka "Kringle Jack" to my friends who order through me)

Best Kringle ever

Super service!

So good

There were so big and good


Most people think 6 Kringle is too many. They’re wrong. Day 1. One went the office and one stayed home. Day 2. A friend’s whole family got Covid. Dropped off at the door.
Day 3 finished off the one in the kitchen
Day 4. Needed to make sure the Raspberry was still my favorite. Yup still yummy.
Day 5. Made the Apple for the office. I never got to taste it. All gone.
Day 6. It hurt but I sent the last one to my Covid friend.
All amazing and now I need to restock.

First time customer

I ordered Uncle Mikes for the first time to give out as Christmas gifts to friends and family. It arrived on time and the Kringle was absolutely wonderful! Lots of compliments from those who enjoyed and even had one of my neighbors state they were going to order from Uncle Mikes for their family for the holidays next year!

Uncle Mike's is the best ever!!!!

All kringles were enjoyed by my family. We're sure to order more.


Great product and easy to have delivered.

6 Pack Kringle

I loved all of the flavors, especially the cherry. But I did get a cherry stem in my first bite which makes me cautious eating the rest of it.

So Amazing

The Kringle has quickly become our favorite dessert! With this 6 pack we were able to share the love with some friends. We haven’t tried them all yet, but there’s still time! Thanks for making shipping so convenient and efficient. We wish we lived closer to visit the shop and sample everything, but a gift through the mail works just fine until our next visit. Thanks again!

My order was wrong got the wrong kringels

My order was wrong I got the wrong kringles