Blueberry Cheese Kringle

Blueberry Cheese Kringle

Blueberry Cheese Kringle

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This kringle gets two great homemade fillings with a blueberry jam and cream cheese. The two mix to make an exceptional kringle. Iced in sweet danish frosting.

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Rachel P.
This was delicious!

My family ans I really enjoyed the kringle! We will be ordering for Christmas soon as well.

Blueberry Bliss

Blueberry cheese kringle is the best if you are a blueberry lover. Doesn't get any better than this!

Randie G.

They loved it!!!

Stephanie M.

The combination of blueberry jam and cream cheese is amazing! A treat for your family and an impressive gift sent (reliably) by mail. Love this Kringle.

Dorene S.
Blueberry Cheese Kringle

The Kringle was tasty. The only complaint, the icing was a completely melted to plastic wrap and I had to scrape off what I could to put on Kringle and then refrigerate. During warmer months it would be nice if they kept the icing in a separate bag and let the customer glaze themselves.
Otherwise, happy with purchase!

David W.W.

The blueberry part was very tasty but after hearing rave reviews from Wisconsin natives I was disappointed. Tasted more like a large donut than kringle. And sadly during the shipping all the icing had shifted off the top.

Brian R.
First Time Uncle Mike's Kringle Eater!

I was on business in Wisconsin. My husband asked me to find out what Wisconsin's signature pastry was. I was told it was a Kringle and I needed to head to Uncle Mike's Bakery. I tasted it and WOW! I purchased some for the accounts I was visiting and had one shipped home to Florida for my husband. We we having a Birthday Party the day after we arrived, so we saved it for that and opened it for our guests. Well, it was gone in a matter of minutes. Best thing they ever ate! I advised them all to get on the website and join the Kringle of the month club. Also, the bakery itself is magnificent. Not just baked goods, but prepared meals and specialty items. Highly recommend you stop by or check out the website!

Christine L.
Florida loves Uncle Mikes

Brought some Kringles in a couple of years ago and everyone loved them. When I came to DePere for a visit, the people at work insisted I bring a Kringle or two back. The three I purchased were gone within hours. Uncle Mike's never disappoints. We need one down here. 😁

Janet D.
Close to the Heart

Love the Heart shape Kringle! Also, much larger than other Kringles that add extreme shipping cost!!

Blueberry Kringle

Sent this to family in Seattle. They loved it. They love getting these from us. Last time sent the Door county cherry Kringle. So good!!!

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