Bars and Brownies

Bars and brownies make a simple dessert for gatherings that pop up during the week. Who doesn't love a rich, chewy brownie? Or a tangy lemon bar? Check out our traditional and non traditional desserts below. We typically have these available in our Dessert Case at all locations.

Apple Bars - Cinnamon Spiced Cake with fresh pealed apples, topped with cream cheese frosting
Dream Bars - Butter short dough crust with brown sugar, coconut and walnut laced filling
Lemon Bars - Traditional short bread crust with tangy lemon filling. Topped with Powder sugar
Raspberry Bars - Short Bread crust with raspberry filling and topped with buttery crumble topping
Seven Layer Bars - Graham Cracker crust with the filling made with evaporated milk, chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts
Carmelita Bars - A favorite bar of Uncle Mike's kids growing up. Chocolate and caramel with a buttery crumble topping
Original Brownie - Chewy layer of brownie topped with our fudge icing
Turtle Brownie - We top our brownie with homemade caramel, sprinkle salted pecans and drizzle fudge on top
Mint Brownie - Our brownie topped with a layer of mint cream then fudge icing
German Chocolate Brownie - We ice our brownie with a generous layer of German Chocolate icing