World's Best Carrot Cake

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Many people have said we have the best carrot cake ever. We now are able to ship our amazing carrot cake. Our Carrot Cake has carrots and pineapple inside, making it very moist. We make our cream cheese frosting from scratch. No raisins or nuts in the cake. Walnuts coat the sides.

Ships in insulated box with Dry Ice. Shipping is not included in the price. It will typically range from $20-$75.

World's Best Carrot Cake

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I received a carrot cake as thank you gift. I have never heard of your bakery till now. Your delivery came from 2 hours away. The packing kept it safe and it looks exactly like your pictures online. Moist. Flavorful. Creamy frosting. All around delicious. I have to say this was the best cake I have ever eaten. PS lets not tell my mom. :)

Not for the poor

Kind of expensive.


Never thought an on-line cake would have been so moist and delicious! Everyone was impressed!

Great cake! - my wife loved it for her birthday!

Awesome cake! Stayed fresh and moist for days in fridge!


Lovely delicious

Carrot Cake

It was absolutely delicious! I wish your shop was closer as we would purchase it a lot!

Worlds Best Carrot Cake

Another awesome item from Uncle Mike's! Ordered this for my Dad for Father's Day and had it shipped to him in Tennessee. Always easy on line process and the cake was apparently one of the best he's ever had! Thanks!

THIS cake takes the cake!

I have been looking for a carrot cake that stands out among all the carrot cakes to send to my high school English teacher who is 94. She is a connoisseur of carrot cakes, just as she was the connoisseur of English assignments nearly 55 years ago for me! I could never find one that had all the right stuff and a bakery who would dare to ship such a delicacy across country (from Wisconsin to Portland, Oregon! The cake arrived on time and in mint condition, and it surpassed the expectations of my English teacher! It was so large, she wondered if it might be a water melon. To her delight, it was more than she could ever eat, so she went on a mission to share treasured pieces with others on the fifth floor of her apartment complex filled with other seniors! Needless to say, it made my day to get the call from her telling me of her overwhelming delight that she had received! While it seems expensive on the surface, the returns on the delight could never be measured by the cake's cost or shipping fees! If you have a special person you'd like to say thanks to, this cake could likely send that message in an unforgettable way! Go for it!