Caramel Apple Season 2014

Uncle Mike’s now has Caramel Apples available at both locations! We have about 5 different options available for you to pick from. Right now we are making Plain, Peanut, Turtle, Cashew, and Sprinkle. We will be adding a couple more as we get more into the caramel apple season.

  • Plain – $2.75
  • Peanut – $3.00
  • Sprinkle – $3.00
  • Turtle – $5.00
  • Cashew – $5.00

COMING SOON: Sea Salt Caramel Apple

Gourmet Donuts

Uncle Mike’s is starting to experiment with some gourmet flavors of donuts. We will have donuts with dry cereal, cookies, special fillings and other special items. Please let us know any other ideas you may have for flavors. You can click here to leave a suggestion.

The donut below is covered with peanuts and pretzels then drizzled with chocolate and caramel.




Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie

We came out with a new pie for National Pie Day, which is on January 23rd. The new pie is Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie. We start with a traditional apple pie base but then make mini cinnamon buns out of pie crust to create the unique top of this pie. We are celebrating National Pie Day all week so when you purchase a pie, you get a free loaf of bread!


Caramel Apple Strudels

We have many different fall products available and one of the most popular ones that we have is our Caramel Apple Strudels. Adding gobs of caramel to an apple strudel just puts it over the top. These are to die for!

Also check out our pumpkin cream rolls, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars, Maple Walnut Angel food cakes and much more.


Cream Puffs Now Available!

Cream Puffs are now available at Uncle Mike’s! We typically have them during the summer months. It is a homemade shell filled with Whip Cream that is homemade with local Wisconsin cream. Then lightly topped with powdered sugar.

Thousands of people enjoy cream puffs at the State Fair every summer and we are happy to offer them in our store. Get them while they last!

DSC_4382 copy