4th Annual Tulip Tea – May 10th, 2014

Our 4th Annual Tulip Tea is right around the corner! We hope to have at least some of our Tulips in blossom but it will all depend on the weather.

We will be having our Tulip Tea on May 10th, 2014 at our Suamico location. At Tulip Tea we have a wide selection of samples for people to try and tea for everyone to drink. There is no fee to partake just come on over with an empty stomach.

Easter Cakes

Check out our selection of Easter Cakes.


Bunny Head Cut Out


Ombre Rose CakeDSC_4775

Lamb Pound CakeDSC_4779

Easter Egg CakeDSC_4780

Chocolate Flourless CakeDSC_4781

Easter Basket CakeDSC_4783

Polar Bear CakeDSC_4791




Peep Cake