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Best of the Bay - Best Bakery
Twelve Years in a Row

Best of the Bay - Best Dessert
Five Years in a Row

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"My fiance and I went around Green Bay to look for a bakery to do our wedding baked goods. What a pleasant surprise this bakery was. They have samples of nearly everything they make. It helped us determine that A) they would be our wedding baker and B) what products we wanted. And I agree with another commenter that the Kringle from Racine will never be good enough now. I will take some with me every time I come out there. Glad we found this!!"

- Linda, Camp Springs MD

"Hi Mike,We stopped on our way to Sturgeon Bay. First time at the Bakery,Your Kringles are great,and so were all the samples. We Will Be Back!! Sharon"

- Wally & Sharon, Hartford,Wi

"Uncle Mikes cookies have become somewhat of a tradition in my office. I work for a large local company, and often order assorted cookie arrangements. Ive had nothing but compliments for these great cookies!"

- Matt, Howard, WI

"While vactioning in Crivitz a local resident told us to pick up our Thanksgiving pies from Uncle Mikes. They were wonderful. In a recent trip this past weekend I enjoyed the most amazing soup. My son is in college in WI. I look forward to the next 4 years of visits to Uncle Mikes"

- Rita, Syracuse, NY

"I bought Kringles when my dad and brother were visiting from Milwaukee, they loved them so much that now when I go down to visit them I have to bring 4 Kringles for each of them. They wont buy a Racine Kringle anymore."

- Dottie, Suamico, WI

"My sisters are visiting here from Denver and we have eaten 4 loafs of you wonderful cinnamon walnut bread and your Spinach, bacon and cheese Quiche. We told them about your Bakery but after they have tasted things they now are also raving about how wonderful everything is. They are taking your email with them to Denver and are going to start ordering from you to share with their families!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful bakery!!"

- Kathy, Green Bay, WI

"My children and grandchildren (AND my mother) love Uncle Mikes bakery. The bread, the sweets, the soup, the custom products..........we have never had anything that was less than perfect. De Pere is lucky to have a bakery like Uncle Mikes."

"Cinnimon bread-awesome, my favorite Thank you Mike for donating cookies to our church "Cookie Walk". Cookies were beautiful and very good flavor. Donated during their busiest time of the year. Appreciate it! My husband liked the cookies so much that he went and bought a couple containers."

"Wanted to get a good cake that was made with real ingredients (basically, nothing from your traditional Wal-Mart - full of crap ) for my daughters 1st birthday party. Found out about Uncle Mikes and was excited to order. Boy did they do a great job. Awesome cake! Will be ordering more in the future."

- Matt, Twin Cities, MN

"Great cakes. Great cookies. The cinnamon raisin swirl bread is award-winning and deservedly so. Its indulgent, and worth springing for."