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Gluten Free

Our Gluten Free products are available from our freezer cases. We currently make Gluten Free Cookies, Custom Cakes (only special order), Cup Cakes and Muffins. Cookies we sell in packs of two and we offer monster cookies (peanut butter, chocolate chips, oatmeal and M&Ms).

At this moment we do not have a facility that is completely gluten free. There is a 20 hour period in our mixing room since the last gluten product is made so most of the flour is out of the air. As well we wipe down all the mixers very clean to make sure no flour falls in while mixing. After mixing it is quickly transfered to the gluten free room which never has gluten products in. Door stays closed at all times except when we are going in and out. The unbaked product is taken to the oven in a cabinet and then brought back in that cabinet. We package them into bags in the gluten free room. The oven does bake both gluten and gluten free products. At this time, that is the best we can do for facilities.