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Best of the Bay - Best Bakery
Twelve Years in a Row

Best of the Bay - Best Dessert
Five Years in a Row

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Breads and Buns

Uncle Mike's has many different kinds of bread. We have Cinnamon Raisin Walnut (CRW), Cinnamon Swirl, Spinach and Cheddar, Uncle Mike's White, Hearth Bread, Marble Rye, Light Rye, Great Grain, Honey Whole Wheat and others.

Uncle Mike's also has a line of Artisan breads that we bake in a steam oven to get a real nice crust on our breads. We make different ones everyday so check out our schedule. Click HERE to view the Artisan Bread Schedule.

We have buns for any occasion. We offer Hearth Buns, Hamburger, Spinach and Cheddar, Knots, Silver Dollar, Hot Dog and Brat Buns.

Our Cinnamon Raisin Walnut bread was voted one of America's Best Raisin Breads!